Is Retro Web Design the New Look?

When it comes to web design everyone wants the latest look and what is trending. It may be that history is repeating itself when it comes to web design. There are some businesses that are resorting back to the retro web designs and are gaining much success by doing so.

What is Retro Web Design

Retro web design means stepping back in time and using many of the components that were used in the designing of websites back many years ago. According to some news outlets what is gaining popularity and where the inspiration is coming from are websites that were designed during the 90s.

Elements of Retro Web Design

One of the tell-tale signs of a retro web design is the shapes that are used in it. They were simple in nature comprised mostly of circles and squares, which are still seen in many logos today that belong to modern day businesses.

Going back and taking a look at vintage sites will also reveal a lot about the color schemes used during that era. Mostly it was comprised of two tones. The use of color was limited. However, many of the current web designers still believe that this is the best way to use color elements. Too much color in the designs can really compromise the look of the site.

Being Careful with Retro Web Design

If a modern day web designer is going to create a retro web design they must explain the reasons for this to their clients. Otherwise clients might think that the design is outdated.They may not realize that vintage web design is also being used today.

Also, it is going to mean that the web designer takes a walk down memory lane in order to fully understand what a retro web design is.