By avoiding the common problems that can occur in web design, one can be able to create a far more successful design. Quite often, the main problem is lack of communication. Poor communication then goes on to breed even more problems.

Lack of Communication

The web designer is really only responsible for the design of the website. The functionality of the site lies mostly on the web developer. In many cases, however, the web designer takes care of both tasks. Other parties involved include the content provider and also the client.

The Web Designer and the Web Developer

The web designer has to work closely with the web developer. The web designer is going to determine how the site is going to look. He will be responsible for the layout, the colours used, the fonts and the graphics.

The developer has to make sure that the site is functioning properly and create a good user experience. This is just one area where the designer and the developer must be able to communicate with each other.

The Web Designer and the Content Provider

Sometimes clients want to write the content themselves. At other times they will use a professional. The writer will have their own idea of how much space they need for the different types of content they are going to provide.

The designer will have to make sure that the framework designed for the site can accommodate the blocks of text that the writer requires. If these two professionals don’t communicate with each other, the project is unlikely to succeed.

The Web Designer and the Client

The web designer has to listen to the client’s wants and needs. He should then be able to explain to the client who is responsible for what segment of the site. Problems often arise if the designer does not make this clear to the client.