Many individuals get confused as to what an actual web design is. Some assume that it is the entire website. There are many different aspects of a website and the web design is only one of them.

Web Design Begins with Ideas

The entire web design begins with an idea of how one wants the website to look. Then this idea has to be put into a plan which can be used to implement the look. To do this, there are certain elements that the web design has to work with.

Web Design Elements

There are various elements that require decisions to be made to ensure they work together to create a satisfactory overall look of the website.


The layout is the element that is going to determine where particular components of the website are placed, e.g where images where go, how the text is laid out, and where the ads are placed.


Almost every website has a certain number of graphics. These serve different purposes. For example, there can be images and clipart. Even the logo is considered to be a graphic.


Although the web designer is not usually responsible for the content, he still has a responsibility for building space for it within the framework that has been designed for the site. The web designer will also set the font that will be used as the default for the website.


Colors play an important role in branding. The web designer will work closely with the client in regards to choice of colors. Most often they will incorporate the colours used in the logo which creates consistency for the branding.

Aside from this, the web design has to be done in such a way that it loads quickly and is compatible with the requirements of the major search engines.