Web design software are applications that those who want to design their own website can use. Most of this type of software doesn’t require any major skills from the user. This is one of the major reasons that has made this so popular. The majority of the web design software is going to allow you to design your site as well as develop it right through to the point where it can go live.

Designing and Creating Web Pages

Every website needs at least one page. Most go with a minimum of three. However, there are some who develop a website that is comprised of a landing page, which is just one simple page that contains everything the site owner wants to present.

There are different types of web design software that will allow for building basic pages while others allow for more complex use. The design is normally already in place as the code for this has been developed in the web design software program.

The user may want to make some changes. If so, there are tools built into the program that will allow for this. One of these tools will be a text editor. A more complex software program will allow for the use of third-party editors. These are more advanced for the users that have some knowledge of web design and building.

Uploading Files

Some types of this software allow you to build your site right on their platform which means much of the file uploading will be done. Other types will require the use of FTP which allows for the uploading of files to the server.


Images play an important role in a web design as well as for content in a website. Web design software will provide the resources for using images and editing them.